Over the past 6 months Aqua have been adapting its already stringent and coherent transport and working policy’s to mirror the new FORS recognised systems of work and transport safety. We have altered our fleet of vehicles to incorporate FORS & Crossrail recognised safety equipment and have had drivers all drivers Crossrail inducted.
In conjunction with BBRIS Ltd, Aqua S&TS Ltd are please to present the Track Access Matting System. Specifically designed to enable road/rail vehicles to access and exit digs without damaging the rail head, TAMS is lightweight yet extremely strong.
The Queen's Award to Aqua Fabrications Ltd, was for innovation in rail drainage systems.
Aqua Geocomposites are pleased to announce a new product has been approved and accepted for use by Network Rail. TED10 is a robust separator for use in Track Treatment 2 scenarios, where there are significant coarse particles (>14mm), the product offers increased resistance to abrasion and puncturing. It’s manufacturing process makes this one of the strongest, robust and hard-wearing geotextile separators available on the market today.
The new Derby range of GRP rings innovated by Aqua S&TS has proven to be a massive success. After a few years of design and testing the GRP Derby range of catch-pit rings was approved for use by Network Rail. Since then they have become the engineer’s friend by improving installation times and reducing labour on site.
Part No  NEW 2m Codes  Product Description  TRTEX2X25  0057/100492  TRACKTEX MEMBRANE 1.95M X 25M ROLL  TTEX2X50  0057/100493  TERRATEX SEPERATOR 2M X 50M ROLL 
Our LNW track team based in Preston has been investigating how to minimise the risks of working at height on Salmon and Parr wagons.  The Babcock team has been working together with Network Rail and Aqua, the platform supplier, to explore a work platform that has the potential to provide a safer and more secure working position when unloading wagons.
Aqua modular handrail system consists of a 50x40mm grp pultruded tube (5mm wall) in 5m lengths that fit exactly into the comprehensive range of matching grp moulded fittings. The majority of the fittings are in pairs to fit round the tube. The fittings connect to the tube with bolts passing through both parts of the fitting and the tube. We also supply a special bolt/nut combination where both the bolt head and the nut recess into the fitting so there are no exposed edges to catch the hand of the user.
Using a unique manufacturing technique Aqua have created a lightweight alternative to concrete headwalls.
Aquas new larger catchpit now added to the oustanding range of GRP bases available to the rail
Aqua have recently increased their manufacturing capacity by procuring a state-of-the-art vacuum forming machine.
As a response to feedback from Network Rail, Main Contractors and design houses Aqua will now be placing “Authenticity” plates on their chambers. These plates will be located on the inside around the top section of the chamber. This plate will identify that it is genuine and that Aqua S&TS Ltd have manufactured the chamber. This will help to ensure that Network Rail, Main Contactors and designers are getting the genuine specified units installed as intended.
We are ensuring that our systems are protected so that our ability to supply our customers won’t be disrupted by cyber attacks.

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