Aqua Pave

Aqua Pave units are manufactured from recycled plastic, while also being 100% recyclable making them environmentally sympathetic and cost effective.

There are three unit types available depending on your project requirements:

  • Aqua Pave Gravel
  • Aqua Pave (40 tonnes/m² MAX loading)
  • Aqua Pave Truck (500 tonnes/m² MAX loading)

A choice of Geotextile separators can be used with the Aqua Pave range including:

  • Permeable Root Barrier
  • Root Barrier X
  • Aquatex 1000
  • Aquatex
  • Terratex 70
  • Terratex 4050
  • TED 10

All Aqua Pave units are SUDs compliant for both infiltration and attenuation applications.

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