Aqua now fitting authenticity plates

As a response to feedback from Network Rail, Main Contractors and design houses Aqua will now be placing “Authenticity” plates on their chambers. These plates will be located on the inside around the top section of the chamber. This plate will identify that it is genuine and that Aqua S&TS Ltd have manufactured the chamber. This will help to ensure that Network Rail, Main Contactors and designers are getting the genuine specified units installed as intended.

Aqua Type Thieel UTX or Aqua SE catch-pits are only manufactured by Aqua S&TS Ltd using tested and approved materials and fabricated by an experienced and qualified fabrication team.

If you suspect that your chambers are not an approved specified Aqua Unit then look for the “Authenticity” plate inside or contact Aqua Direct on 01695 51933.

What to look out for on a non-Aqua chamber:
• Lids not supplied with chamber
• Ribbed twin wall exterior
• No base
• No “Authenticity” plate inside
• Incorrect step irons used (concrete type) 

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