TDE-E Track & Off-Track Drainage Pipe

AQUA TDE pipe is available in three different wall thicknesses to provide the widest range of choice to enable designers and specifiers to choose the optimum size and type to suit their site specific project requirements.

Manufactured from PE80 recycled polymer*² the TDE range of pipes are suitable for a variety of applications including storm and foul water, and chemical transmission.

TDE is:

  1. available in a choice of three different wall thicknesses for a wide range of applications: TDE-H, TDE-E and TDE-U.
  2. compliant with P1, P3 and P4 Network Rail Pipe Classification (TDE-H).
  3. compliant with P2, P3 and P5 Network Rail Pipe Classification (TDE-E and TDE-U).
  4. smooth bore, smooth external face solid wall Track & Off Track Drainage Pipe in differing wall thicknesses ideally suited for more hostile environments.
  5. manufactured with an increased Ring Stiffness over a TDK pipe potentially enables shallower installations (TDE-E and TDE-U).*
  6. supplied plain ended, typically in 3 or 6 metre lengths; various coupler options are available, see below.

*Ground conditions dependant, see Pipe Selection Guidance for further information.

*² PE100 virgin polymer pipe can be supplied if PE80 is not available.

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