SE Circular Catch-pits & Manholes

A fabricated double skinned tubular section catch-pit/ manhole unit manufactured to suit site specific depth requirements and typically supplied complete with lid & frame assembly, pre-cut inlet/ outlet holes and standard or Anti-floatation Base. 

Manufactured from 4 kN Ring Stiffness PE100 HDPE, these units are suitable for use as both track and off-track drainage catch-pits and manholes and offer a lightweight, quicker and easier to install alternative to traditional concrete chambers. 

Credit: Philip Marsh

SE Circular catch-pits… 

  1. Have excellent chemical and abrasion resistance properties. 
  2. Have a design life of 60 years above & 120 years below ground, soil conditions dependant. 
  3. Are able to be installed without concrete base or surround (ground/ loading conditions dependant). 
  4. Are manufactured to order, to the correct depth and with all inlets and outlets at the correct invert levels. 
  5. Are able to be supplied complete with removable 400 mm deep top sections. 
  6. Are able to be supplied complete with a range of options including Pipe spigots, Step Irons, Back-drops, Benching & Hydrobrake’s.

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