Precast Concrete Catch-pits


The traditional modular catch-pit construction system for lineside drainage applications. Developed by British Rail and  manufactured in-house at its York, Taunton and Thornton Heath Depots, concrete catch-pit frames are: 

Available in two sizes – Standard and Narrow (Matisa). 

  1. Suitable for constructing modular catch-pits or can be combined with preformed GRP sump units. 
  2. Standard pits are suitable for use with pipes up to 400 mm OD*. 
  3. Narrow pits are suitable for use with pipes up to 345 mm OD*.

*This applies to pipe entries on the short end only, for catch-pits constructed using the appropriate sized ½ Frame .

HDPE Stone Guards are available to facilitate the installation of drainage pipes and prevent ingress of granular material and are supplied to suit all sizes of TDK and TDE pipe:  

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