Stafford Hybrid Catch-pits


Although rectangular catch-pits are the ‘norm’ they aren’t always the most effective or efficient solution.

Stafford Hybrid Catch-pits are the most flexible catch-pit system available, combining the benefits of a modular construction with the ease of a bespoke manufactured solution, delivered in ‘off-the-shelf’ timescales.

Through the use of the circular base unit, Stafford Hybrid Catch-pits can accommodate larger diameter pipes than traditional rectangular catch-pits, larger variations in invert levels for incoming and outgoing pipes and unlike rectangular chambers, which can only accept pipes on their four flat faces, Stafford’s can be manufactured to suit incoming and outgoing pipes at any angle! 

Typically available in three different diameters, Stafford base units are manufactured from a strong and durable, yet light, High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Tubular section with exceptional chemical and UV resistance. 


Stafford units can: 

  1. Be installed in the ‘Cess’ or ‘6ft’. 
  2. Be manufactured to virtually any depth to suit site specific requirements. 
  3. Be constructed with precast concrete (PCC) catch-pit frames
  4. Be constructed with Derby (GRP) catch-pit frames.

All units supplied for installation with Derby GRP frames are complete with a 5mm thick steel transition frame, allowing for quick and easy adjustment of the base unit height on site. 

All units supplied for installation with PCC frames are ‘notched’ in the factory to allow the first frame to be installed flush with the top of the base unit. 

All Stafford’s, regardless of frame type, are 4 kN Ring Stiffness and are supplied complete with HDPE stone guards to prevent ingress of granular material at the point of transition from circular to rectangular form. 

Stafford units can also be supplied with: 

  1. Pre-cut inlet and outlet holes for ease of construction on site. 
  2. Factory fitted spigots for a more secure, sealed connection to the chamber base unit. 
  3. Anti-floatation skirts for increased stability/ ease of installation. 
  4. Hydrobrake’s. 
  5. Factory fitted benching. 

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