BS EN 752 Compliant Derby Catch-pits

Registered Design - 011945775-00

Derby GRP Catch-pit System 

The Derby Catch-pit Frame was designed and developed to not only be used as an alternative to PCC catch-pit frames when being used with Aqua’s preformed GRP sump units, but to be an alternative solution to the traditionally built PCC catch-pit system; this would typically comprise 3no. base slabs combined with a selection of raising frames, ½ frames and lid/ cover of some type, latterly blue grated GRP. 

The Derby system can either be installed comprising individual frames or with the lowest frames factory processed into a single piece (Deepdale) using a chopped glass fibre strand & polymer resin mix. 

Derby Catch-pit Frames can be used in a variety of ways: 

  1. In combination with preformed sump units. 
  2. As a stand alone modular system - Modular Derby. 
  3. As a factory manufactured formed sump unit with modular raising frames. - Deepdale Derby. 
  4. As a factory formed single piece chamber - Deepdale Derby.

Manufactured to suit a range of applications, Derby profile is pultruded in two different depths (115 mm and 225 mm) in a maximum of 5m lengths to enable the construction of catch-pits and manholes quickly and easily. 

Derby profiles are formed in to a variety of different sized frames (standard sizes or BS EN 752 compliant sizes) or they can be used to manufacture bespoke sizes to suit project specific requirements.

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