Carlisle Cascade System

Manufactured from innovative, robust G-Plast composite material the same as Belvedere Composite Headwall, the Carlisle Cascade sections can easily be manhandled by one or two people, simply stack together and fix in place using a helical anchor system or 3rd party ground anchor.

Designed as a composite alternative to the traditional Network Rail Cascade Standard Detail (NR/CIV/SD/324/E; Drainage Systems (Track & Off-Track) - Cascade Drain Standard Detail CD1 Benched Slope), the Carlisle Cascade System offers many benefits over the traditional slab and block construction:

  1. Single piece, stackable unit design.
  2. Simple overlapping design for ease of construction.
  3. Three sizes to suit incoming flow volumes – Small, Medium & Large.
  4. Easily manhandled, no need for mechanical lifting.
  5. Simply step the slope as required and bed on a suitable medium.
  6. No need to concrete/mortar sections together.
  7. Typically reduces flow velocity from around 3.5 to 1.5 m/second.

The Carlisle Cascade system incorporates a range of differently sized sections to allow for varying incoming flows (Small, Medium, Large) and slope angles (25°, 35° & 45°).

Although Small, Medium and Large sections can not be interconnected, multiple angle sections can be used in a single cascade, therefore allowing a structure to be constructed which follows the slope profile as accurately as possible.

A pre-seeded (FREC800) or unseeded (FREC550) fireproof erosion control matting is available and can be used in conjunction with this product to protect the slope from soil erosion until vegetation has had a chance to establish itself..

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