Concrete Troughing

AQUA┬« are able to offer a full range of concrete troughing products including Tee pieces, Transitions and Curves, all of which are designed to comply with Network Rail standards. 

To compliment their range of Signal and Telegraphic systems, AQUA have introduced an extensive range of concrete troughings to be used alongside their existing range.

AQUA are now able to offer the engineer a complete range of options in his quest to find solutions to various engineering problems. He now has at his disposal complete solutions to both everyday projects and also to major engineering schemes.

The Aqua troughing system

  • Link-up certificate
  • Possess B.R. purchasing codes
  • B.R. qualified vendor certificate (now superseded by Link-up)

Aqua Trough and Lid Units, used extensively throughout the UK and Overseas, provide the most economical form of cable and pipeline protection.A wide range of troughs to satisfy all forms of application and installation.With a national distribution network available and guaranteed quality, Aqua became the natural choice for the contractor.

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