TDK Track Drainage Pipe

AQUA TDK is a reinforced wall drainage pipe suitable for 90% of all drainage applications. Available as either a collector or a carrier drain it has proven itself a ‘workhorse’ over the last 30 years, being utilised by British Rail, Railtrack and now Network Rail wherever track and off-track drainage is required. 

Structural design 

The combination of a corrugated outside wall reinforced by a smooth inner profile has resulted in a light but very strong tubular section able to resist imposing loads of deflection. The control of this is based on several basic parameters; the bedding factor; pipe material & profile stiffness and the interaction of the pipe with the surrounding fill material. 

TDK® can:

  • Be installed as a UTX with 900mm cover to crown
  • Be installed in the ‘6ft’
  • Be installed in the ‘Cess’ 
  • Meet the 60 year design life criteria  
  • Be perforated in accordance with BBA standards

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