Stafford Hybrid Catch-pits

  • Manufactured from a ‘double skinned’ HDPE tubular section, the sump unit is extremely strong yet lightweight.
  • Hybrid design utilises a circular sump (available in either 600, 750 or 900mm ID) to increase the amount of available space for pipe entry and sump. Suitable for pipes from 100 – 600mm Ø.
  • Ideal for when a high-level collector drain is required in addition to a low level carrier drain – minimal work required on-site.
  • Manufactured to order to virtually any depth with pipe inlets and outlets factory cut for ease/ speed of installation.
  • Can be used in conjunction with either Derby GRP or PCC Catch-pit Frames.
  • Able to accept cross drains or pipe runs intercepting at virtually any angle.

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