Remote Drainage Installation

Aqua has developed a unique and innovative system to prevent accidents and injuries to track staff whilst installing line side drainage. In trenches of deep drains the risk of trench collapse is quite high. This system allows staff to install a drain run without needing to enter the trench. Not only does this have significant health and safety benefit, there are other advantages;

  1. Speed of installation is increased leading to greater productivity per possession

  2. Cost of hiring shoring/shuttering materials is no longer applicable

  3. Pipe levels are easily achieved through 2 points rather than the whole length 

Catch-pit Parts 

The catchpit is built up by staff and then lifted into the trench and placed into position by slings. The system comes complete with lifting poles, which are telescopic. Personnel on either side of the trench can then slide the coupler out of the catchpit and connect it to the pipe. 

Pipe Installation

The 6m lengths of pipe have 2 wheels fitted to them and then 5 lengths are connected together to form the 30m run between catch-pits. This is then rolled into the trench. Levels can be altered by using the poles to lift the run and back filled accordingly 

Safety Risk

Network Rail and the Office of Rail Regualtions will no longer allow or permit staff to enter unshuttered excavated trenches.