Cable Management Systems

AQUA offers a comprehensive range of Cable Management products to enable designers and contractors to select the most appropriate product for the site specific conditions and requirements.

Since the beginning, our product range has been designed and developed in conjunction with railway engineers, to ensure the products we offer are specific to the rail industries unique criteria:

Under Track Crossing Chambers

  1. Thieel UTX Chambers
  2. Subterra R-411 Chambers


  1. TDK
  2. TDE-H
  3. TDE-E
  4. TDE-U
  5. MEGAduct R-411 Multi-duct
  6. Flexi-Duct

Split Ducting

  1. Type K Split Ducting
  2. Divisible Cable Protection - Quicklock / Hardback / Panzer

Buried Route

  1. Lincoln Chambers
  2. Clover Duct


  1. Concrete Trough
  2. Aqualine GRP Trough
  3. Bespoke GRP Trough
  4. Lightweight GRP Trough
  5. Platform Trough

Mast Chambers

Preformed Bases

Tools & Sundry Items

GRP Handrail