Railgrid Geogrid

  • Extruded Biaxial polypropylene geogrid.
  • Large (65mm) apertures help promote optimum amount of ballast interlock.
  • For use where the total depth of the ballast layer is not sufficient to give absolute minimum value of track stiffness.
  • Mechanical interlock of aggregate through the grid produces high stiffness through transverse and longitudinal dimensions.
  • Can be used ‘mid-layer’ to improve stiffness where ballast depth exceeds 300mm, e.g. on adverse formations on canted tracks .

Ground stabilisation grid has equal strength in both longitudinal and transverse directions a recognised advantage in sub-base reinforcement.


  • Extruded Bi-Axail polypropylene geogrid, 65mm large square aperture, tensile strength 30KN/m.
  • Available in a variety of widths to suit dig width


  • Improved track geometry. Large aperture grid promotes optimum ballast interlock.

Abrasion Resistance Rating: HIGH

PADS Code:

4m x 50m - 0057/100852

2m x 50m - 0057/100494

3m x 50m - 0057/100491

3.7m x 50m - 0057/100645

3.8m x 50m - 0057/100646


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