Geoweb - Track Reinforcing Composite

The Geo-web system strengthens structural infill by increasing its sheer strength and stiffness. This improvement results from the hoop strength of the cell walls and the frictional interaction. Under load Geo-web generates powerful lateral confinement forces and fill to cell wall friction. This creates a bridging structure with high flexural strength and stiffness. The bridging effect reduces rutting and the amount of infill normally required allowing significant subgrade deformation without any loss of structural integrity.

  • Three dimensional cellular confinement systems designed to improve the load distribution characteristics of the formation.
  • Distributes pressure from dynamic and static loadings throughout the system reducing lateral and vertical displacement of the ballast.
  • By creating a stabilised base layer, soft or weak subsoil's can be constructed over.
  • Hoop strength of the cell wall increases the structural stiffness of the formation allowing for reduced formation depths such as on bridge transitions.
  • Manufactured from Polythene in a ‘honeycomb’ type arrangement, the system is lightweight and easily installed.
  • Stakes and clips supplied for easy installation.

Supplied in 2.6m (W) x 8.3m (L) panels in a variety of pocket depths, and now Aqua can supply extra large panels at 3.9m width to suit the dig width and 16.6m for quicker installation.

  • 100mm
  • 150mm
  • 200mm

Abrasion Resistance Rating: HIGH

PADS Code:

Geoweb100: 2.6 x 8.3m 100mm deep - PADS Code 0057/100723

Geoweb150: 2.6 x 8.3m 150mm deep - PADS Code 0057/100602

Geoweb150XL: 3.9m x 16.6m x 1500mm deep - PADS Code 0057/100606

Geoweb200: 2.6 x 8.3m x 200mm deep - PADS Code 0057/100722  

Geoweb200XL: 3.9m x 16.6m x 200mm deep - PADS code 0057/000112

(other sizes available on request)

Geoweb Fixing Packs - PADS code 0111/120654

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