Tracktex - for Formation with Severe Pumping and High Water Table

Tracktex is designed to prevent subgrade erosion under the most extreme conditions likely to be encountered within Network Rail. Its novel core allows water to flow readily under pressure, and in the long term will cause any underlying residual slurry to consolidate, by allowing water to be continually squeezed out under the pressure of passing trains.

  • This allows for dissipation of pore pressures whilst preventing migration of fine soil particles into the ballast.
  • Two layers of needle punched, non-woven staple fibre geotextile sandwiching a micro-porous breathable filtration element.
  • Created to address the extensive & expensive track and ballast deterioration problem caused by ‘Erosion Pumping Failure’ leading to ‘WET BED’s.
  • Tracktex® is a revolutionary geocomposite which prevents the migration of fine grained particles in the formation layer upward into the ballast layer, thus preventing them from affecting the longevity of the track geometry.
  • This is generally exacerbated by the presence of rainfall, hence Tracktex® provides an impermeable layer diverting rainfall away from the problem area.

Abrasion Resistance Rating: HIGH 

PADS Code:

3.9m x 25m - 057/100820

3.7m x 25m - 0057/100914

3.5m x 25m - 0057/100913

3m x 25m - 0057/100912

1.95m x 25m - 0057/100492



Terratex Perm Test on Vimeo.

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