GRP Derby Raising Frames

  • Through the utilisation of our fully approved Derby GRP catch-pit raising frames, on-site productivity can be increased by an average of 75 – 90% over the installation of traditional full concrete catch-pits.
  • Available in three different sizes – Standard, Luton & Narrow.
  • Available in two different thicknesses – 115mm or 225mm.
  • Easily manhandle able by a single person – one concrete frame is officially a four-man lift!!
  • Standard 115mm Derby is ~80% lighter than a concrete frame.
  • Narrow 115mm Derby is ~75% lighter than a concrete frame
  • Extremely Robust design is more than comparable with concrete whilst reducing overall cost and risk to the project
  • Max Side Wall Load, Point Load = 6.3 Tons
  • Max Side Wall Load, UDL = 39.1 Tons
  • Max Compressive Load, UDL = 20.2 Tons


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