Modular Handrail Specification

Aqua modular handrail system consists of a 50x40mm grp pultruded tube (5mm wall) in 5m lengths that fit exactly into the comprehensive range of matching grp moulded fittings. The majority of the fittings are in pairs to fit round the tube. The fittings connect to the tube with bolts passing through both parts of the fitting and the tube. We also supply a special bolt/nut combination where both the bolt head and the nut recess into the fitting so there are no exposed edges to catch the hand of the user. 

The handrail system has been independently tested by the Engineering Dept at Lancaster University. Their tests confirm that the handrail system meets all the requirements of BS4592:0 2006+A1 2012 Industrial flooring, stairs and handrails for the general duty (0.36kN/m). We recommend a maximum span between stanchion centres of 1.25m but the Lancaster tests did show that at a wider spacing the handrail remained within the specification given in the standard. 


The modular handrail system offers a cost effect alternative to conventional metallic materials (stainless steel or galvanized mild steel).
The system offer benefits in: 

  • Very easy to install – simple to cut to length, easy to drill with hand tools – no need to seal cut ends
  • Special bolt set where both the bolt head and nut recess within the moulding reducing the risk of hands or clothing catching on exposed fixing.
  • Excellent corrosion and weather resistance – no concerns about damage to any coating leading to corrosion
  • Light weight (1/4 of the weight of steel) so much easier to manhandle to limited access sites
  • Very low thermal conductivity – seen as warm to the touch compared to steel
  • No recycle value so much reduced risk of theft.
  • Electrically non-conductive
  • Both profile and fittings are coloured in the mass so minor knocks and scratches
    are not so visible as they would be in a coated system
  • Available in colours yellow and grey as standard – other colours could be made
    to order

Modular Handrail Specification 

Moulds for other fittings are available to customer order and new moulds and fittings can be made to customer’s own design. 


The tube is used for the stanchions, handrail and knee rail and the Toe plate (Kick board) are made by the pultrusion process giving very high strength to weight ratio with the polyester surface veil backed by continuous strand mat giving excellent resistance to weathering and the scuff, scratches on normal industrial use.
The moulded fittings are all made by hot pressed moulding in match metal tools giving excellent dimensional consistency and good surface finish. . 


All the raw materials used to make the modular handrail system comply with the relevant ISO or EN product specification standards.
The pultruded tube and toe plate are made with a high grade isophthalic polyester resin reinforced with E glass fibre roving, woven fabric and continuous filament mat and includes a polyester surface veil. 

The moulded fittings are made from a proprietary sheet moulding compound which includes chopped E glass fibre, isophthalic polyester resin and mineral filler. 


The full range of the modular handrail system is available in safety yellow and a more limited range in a steel grey colour 


Handrails with the hand and knee rails horizontal use the 3 way Tee, 4 cross, 90 deg elbows and 3 and 4 way corner connections.
For stairs at 30 deg rise we have 120 deg elbows , 60 deg 3 and 4 way connections and angles base foot. 

For other angles there are universal joints to allow and vertical or horizontal angled connections over the full 180deg range.
Standard 3 hole ribbed base to fit onto a concrete or other type of solid substrate Side fit to fit to the side of the stairs or walkway 

Triangle base foot – often used with stairs – it allows the foot to be fitted closer to the edge of the stair tread than is possible with the standard base foot. This also makes an excellent termination fitting to walls.
There is also a grp pultruded Toe plate (Kick board) which is specially designed to fit over the base foot so that the bottom edge is close enough to the walkway to prevent loose items falling through but still leave a drainage gap. 

The full range of tube, toe plate and fittings is stocked in colour safety yellow but there is a limited range in colour grey.
The full product range is illustrated at the end of this specification document. 


The modular handrail system exhibits excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals including acids, alkalis, fresh and salt water, ethylene glycol, petrol and other fuel oils. It is not recommended for extended exposure to concentrated acids or alkalis.
Advice on chemical resistance is available on request. 


The maximum continuous operating temperature is 90oC but short term exposure up to 130 C will not affect the handrail mechanical properties. Made for fully cured cross linked thermosetting resins, the handrail system does not soften or distort at the maximum operating temperatures and is not embrittled by low temperatures and can be safely used down to -500C. 


The modular handrail system will have a design life of +20 years in normal industrial environments.
Some fading of colour shade will take place over time but this does not affect the structural performance of the handrail system. 

Little or no maintenance is expected to be required over the service life but minor damage can be repaired by sanding off any exposed fibre and painting with a good quality paint (epoxy or PU paints recommended). 


Diamond tipped saws blades are recommended for cutting the handrail tubes and toe plate but abrasive disc cutters can also be used.
Drilling requires only hand tools with conventional HSS drills.
The dust generated is non-toxic but can be a skin irritant. Suitable dust extraction should be used to minimize airborne dust and operators equipped with suitable protective clothing. A safety data sheet is available on request. ?

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