Terratex 4050 - High Abrasion and Puncture Resistance

Terratex® 4050 is a needle punched, non-woven, staple fibre geotextile manufactured from virgin polypropylene fibres to give outstanding puncture, abrasion and permeability properties. 

Terratex® 4050 is a separator and filtration geotextile for use between the track ballast and a sand layer or granular sub grade. Extensive and continual testing and development of the product has demonstrated its class leading mechanical strength and hydraulic properties, coupled with its proven long service life under dynamic loading conditions.

Terratex 4050 – Standard Filter / Separator

  • For use in Medium to High Abrasion Risk Zone.
  • Where trackbed requires strengthening where abrasive conditions exist (higher percentage of particles >14mm) ONLY Terratex is suitable as a geotextile separator! See ‘Advice from NR on use of Geo’s’, by PM NR.
  • Suitable for use as a separator between track ballast and a sand layer or subgrade.
Class-leading robustness and long service life under dynamic loading conditions, due to:
  • High puncture resistance
  • High Elongation to break
  • Superior abrasion resistance
  • Excellent filtration characteristics at all strains
  • High UV resistance

A filter/ separator placed between the subgrade and ballast has to overcome a number of obstacles to remain efficient.

This can include the possibility that sharp ballast could tear the geotextile and/ or the geotextile might also become highly tensioned under the load of the ballast above.

Abrasion Resistance Rating : HIGH

PADS Code 

2m x 50m - PADS Code 0057/100700

3m x 50m - PADS Code 0057/100481

4m x 50m - PADS Code 0057100733


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