TED 10 - Heavy Duty Robust Separator

  • Needlepunched, non-woven staple fibre geotextile alternative to TED 2®.
  • Designed for use in extremely hostile formation conditions.
  • Static Puncture Resistance (CBR) – 10,000N – 3 X Stronger than Terratex® 4050, – 20% greater than TED 2®.
  • Tensile Strength of 55kN/m – 20kN/m higher than TED 2®.
  • Ideal for combining with Railgrid Geogrid as the more flexible construction allows for superior ballast interlock when compared with TED 2®.
  • Unlike TED 2® where a minimum of 75mm ballast is required, Railgrid can be placed directly atop TED 10®.
  • Easier to man-handle than TED 2®.
Available in a wider range of roll sizes than TED 2®.

Abrasion Resistance Rating: HIGH 

PADS Code:

2m x 25m - PADS Code 0057/101428

3m x 25m - PADS Code 0057/101427

4m x 25m - PADS Code 0057/101426

2m x 50m - PADS Code 0057/101425

3m x 50m - PADS Code 0057/101424

4m x 50m - PADS Code 0057/101423

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