Reforme - for Extreme Situations

Reforme® provides an Impermeable barrier suitable for use over ground prone to pumping failure or to prevent the spread of contaminants.


  • Impermeable double cuspated HDPE core wrapped in needles punched non-woven geotextile for use over ground prone to pumping failure and must be used with effective trackside drainage.

Product Range: 

  • Any width from 1-5 metres wide by up to 25 metre long.


Can be considered as an alternative to sand on a clay formation of 50 kPa:

  • Where a sand blanket may be considered 'over engineering' for expected lines speeds

  • Where possession time is limited

  • Blanketing sand overly expensive and difficult to get to site

  • Satisfactory drainage essential

  • Formation is dry but prone to pumping

  • Weather conditions too extreme for blanketing sand installation

  • Remote site location

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