Great Western Route Modernisation - Electrification

Network Rail are modernising the Great Western route, this will create a faster, more reliable service with modernised stations and also an increased freight capacity. This is the biggest investment in over 150 years, will modernise the route, improving passanger experience throughout. This route will also stimulate economical growth in the southwest region and Wales.

paisley corridor - scot rail train

Paisley Corridor Improvements

The Paisley Rail corridor is one of the busiest commuter routes in Scotland. Due to growth in demand, it has long been recognised as part of the network that would benefit from increased capacity. 

somerset railway

Great Western Route Modernisation - Electrification

Network Rail are modernising the Great Western route, which will create a fster, more reliable and enhanced passanger experience.

Border Railway

Borders Railway

In 1849, the ‘Waverley Line’ ran from Edinburgh to the Borders and was later extended to Carlisle. However, following the publication of the Beeching Report, the line was announced for closure, with the final train running on the route in 1969.

Airdrie to Bathgate

Airdrie to Bathgate rail link

Aqua is please to announce that they have won the award to supply Carillion with drainage materials for the re-instalment of the old Airdrie to Bathgate rail link. This prestigious project includes catch-pits, pipes and geotextiles amounting to £2million worth material.


Cardiff Station Upgrade

Network Rail in Wales last year published a wish list of projects it hopes will be funded in CP6, which included the regeneration of the train station. In 2013 the station accommodated 13 million passengers, but is forecast to reach 22 million by 2023 and 32 million by 2043.


Bunns Lane Culvert Extension

Approached by the incumbert contractor, we were asked to assist with the design and supply of a culvert extension for Bunns Lane, Wiltshire.

TDX - Hoppers Wood Culvert

Amalgamated Construction requested a site visit from an Aqua representative to investigate the options available to extend an existing culvert to repair a collapsed embankment.

HDPE Manhole

Pre-fabricated HDPE manholes installed at Clay Mills

Construction and design challenges have provided the catalyst for yet more innovative construction at Clay Mills. Installing Pre-fabricated HDPE manholes is a major step forward for the UK water industry.

nexus case study image

Nexus - Newcastle Light Railway

The will be £40m investment into modernising the Tyne and Wear Metro system, this project will happen over the next 12 months. 

kettering catch pit

Kettering 6ft Drainage Catch-pit

The site of the drainage was a tight 6ft with the catch-pit touching the cut-back sleeper. Originally the catch-pits consisted of concrete base and frames.


Aberdeen to Inverness Line Rail Improvements

The Aberdeen to Inverness rail improvement project is being delivered in phases which aim to provide a wide variety of benefits.