Hydrodynamic Engineering for Railway Drainage

Since 1978 ‘AQUA’ have supplied the rail industry with a comprehensive range of drainage systems. Slotted plastic drainage pipes were later followed by plastic catch-pits. Now in conjunction with our sister company Aqua Geocomposites, who manufacture geomembranes and geotextiles fully integrated drainage systems for use in the Permanent-Way are now available.

Working with the Railways

Since RAILTRACK PLC’s conception they have worked consistently in improving and standardising the quality of products accepted for use in Britains railways. Aqua have welcomed this move to introduce standards in railway drainage and have worked closely with Railtrack in ensuring that all its products have the full support, approval and confidence of that body. This inter company consultancy has enabled us to achieve full PADS 2000 recognition for all our products.

Aquality Assurance | Railtrack Approval | Link-up Approval

Product tested and approved in Europes leading railway test houses

Permanent Way drainage is the key to minimising maintenance costs and achieving improved efficiency and longer lifespan on todays railway tracks.Aqua have over the past years worked closely with Railtrack and its installation contractors in providing a competitive and commercially aware range of products designed to achieve fast and effective treatments for difficult formations.

“Track substructure treatments”

The above code of practice has formed the backbone of our product range and in particular has been closely considered alongside.

Design, installation & maintanance of lineside drainage RT/CE/C/006
Sub-surface access drains and catch pits

Sub-Surface Access Drains & Catch-pits

Section through BRR formation incorporating drainage detail.

British Rail Research (BRR) developed a standard for formation treatments.These treatments are detailed in the BRR report ‘Track Substructure Guide’.

We at AQUA are able to offer a compatible drainage system which will work alongside these recommendations to ensure they function efficiently and achieve their full life potential by maintaining the quick drainage of water away from the ballast.

AQUA offer a fully matched system of drainage pipes, catch pits and, if required geotextile wraps ( AQUA - SOKS) for use with any of the treatments recommended in the ‘Track Substructure Guide’.

Catch-pits & Permanent Way Drainage Systems

Aqua’s permanent way catch-pit systems can be successfully and easily utilised in a CROSS DRAIN formation, giving superior drainage.


Permanent Way Drainage Systems


Lineside drainage has just two requirements.

To collect and carry away from the track’s immediate vicinity any water arising from rainfall, springs and/or run-off from adjacent land. To reduce any risk of the stability and/or maintenance of the track being adversley effected by standing water. This can be achieved by installation of ‘channel surface water drains’ or ‘piped surface water drains and catch pits’, the latter generally proving most popular.
Recognised Methods - Note extracts below.



AQUA’s objective is to offer a range of solutions to the varied and wide ranging problems existing in any railway drainage project. In particular the goal of an integrated drainage system is now achieveable using a range of products designed to give a full range of options.
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